Dita Von Teese – "Erotique"

Dita Von Teese, the maestra of seduction and glamorous provocation, takes you into a world as mysterious as the night itself, where seduction is the protagonist and femininity holds all the mastery. She is a self-created work of art, surrounded by an aura of sensual magic and erotic energy. In her new fragrance Erotique the queen of aesthetic pleasure combines her decadent facets into a beguiling scent symphony that veils women in a captivating aura.

Erotique, the scent, is an aphrodisiac accomplishment; a carnal blend of floral sensuality with an exquisite note of leather that evokes erotic mysticism. The opulent composition is reminiscent of liquid gold, a tantalizing reflection of the arousing fragrance that is Dita Von Teese's fourth perfume. A gilded heart-shaped lock and key adorn the neck of the bottle, elegantly completing the story of Erotique.

As Von Teese notes, "Erotique was created with my desire for something vastly distinct from most commercial fragrances. An elixir of alchemy, Erotique was inspired by a time when perfume meant something different than it does now. Vintage erotic books and art sparked my obsession with fetishistic elements, and for decades I've been fascinated with finding a scent that captures the carnality of those risqué erotic stories of the past.”

Erotique opens with opulent rose petals, accompanied by spicy, smoky pepper and unexpected coriander. In its depths, the heart of the fragrance develops with an exceptional magnetism. As the decadent essence of Bulgarian rose mingles with contrasting animalistic leather notes, the fascinating scent composition unfolds with stimulating musk, warm sandalwood, aromatic cedar and exotic Gaiac wood.

Von Teese continues, “I love beguiling facets of sexuality, from dominance to vulnerability, and Erotique is a heady mélange of opposites. Its poetic contrast of leather accords and burnt embers with rare voluptuous rose is not for the faint of heart; it is intoxicating, animalistic and intense, potent weaponry for a maestra of the erotic arts"

Erotique will be available in specialist pharmacies from October 2013

Eau de Parfum, 20 ml: 30,00 $
Eau de Parfum, 40 ml: 50,00 $

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